Network and Security – Applications – C178

This course prepares students for the CompTIA Security+ certification exam. Successfully completing the course ensures the student will demonstrate the knowledge and skills required to install and configure systems to secure applications, networks, and devices; perform threat analysis and respond with appropriate mitigation techniques; participate in risk mitigation activities; and operate with an awareness of applicable policies, laws, and regulations. C480 Networks is a prerequisite for this course.

Course Competencies

  • Basic Security Concepts: The graduate identifies and discusses basic concepts of security and security threats, and recommends security procedures.
  • Access Control & Authentication Methods: The graduate recommends appropriate methods for controlling accessing data and information and for authenticating users and groups in gaining that access.
  • Security for Network Infrastructure: The graduate identifies security needs and recommends appropriate security practices for network infrastructures.
  • Encryption: The graduate identifies and explains the role of encryption in network security.
  • Security for Organizational Operations: The graduate explains and makes recommendations for appropriate security strategies and procedures for organizational operations.
  • Security Assessments & Audits: The graduate evaluates risks associated with network security and recommends monitoring strategies and methods.


The completion of this course means the obtainment of the CompTIA Security+ certification which qualifies the student for several positions, including Systems Administrator, Cyber Security Analyst and Information Security Analyst

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