Web Development Fundamentals – DFV1

This course provides the student with the core fundamentals of web application development. Students will learn about the tools and technologies used for web application development, how to work with data and client-side scripting, and how to test and deploy web applications. Upon completion of this course, the student will have a solid understanding of how to design, develop, test, and deploy web applications.

Course Competencies

  • Programming Web Applications: The graduate analyzes the various programming operations and processes that regulate how Web applications function.
  • Working with Data and Services: The graduate analyzes how data and services impact the design and functionality of Web applications.
  • Configuring and Deploying Web Applications: The graduate analyzes the various influences on and requirements for configuring and deploying Web applications.

Course Textbooks

Microsoft Official Academic Course (2012). Web development fundamentals: MTA 98-363. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons. ISBN-10: 0-470-88915-2

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