Security Fundamentals – DEV1

This course will provide the student with the core fundamentals of information technology security. They will learn how to identify security risks and how to apply security policies, strategies, and tools for securing networks and systems.

Upon completion of this course, students will have a solid understanding of security risks and how to apply strategies and policies for securing systems and networks. Students will be prepared to build their foundational knowledge and move into higher level coursework for securing information systems and networks.

Course Competencies

  • Security Layers: The graduate applies security measures appropriate to the core goals of an information security program.
  • Operating Systems Security: The graduate applies fundamental authentication and authorization methods.
  • Auditing Policies: The graduate applies security auditing methods.
  • Network Security: The graduate selects appropriate network security technologies to secure a network infrastructure from common threats.
  • Client Security Software: The graduate analyzes appropriate methods for securing clients.
  • Server Security Software: The graduate analyzes the various applications and affordances of network protocols and services.

Course Textbooks

Microsoft Official Academic Course (2012). 98-367: MTA security fundamentals. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley Publishing. ISBN: 978-0-470-90184-7

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