Language and Communication: Essay – LAE1

This course covers the steps involved in the writing process, the difference between persuasive and informative writing, and ways to identify and target a specific audience.

Course Competencies

  • Adaptation: The graduate adapts a particular writing to meet the needs of a specific audience, purpose, and situation.
  • Writing as a Process: The graduate applies a process approach to creating effective writings for different audiences and purposes.
  • Mechanics: The graduate correctly applies rules of grammar, syntax, and punctuation.

Course Textbooks

Faigley, L. (2007). Writing: A guide for college and beyond. NY: Pearson Longman. ISBN-10: 0-321-39626-X

Ruszkiewicz, J., Seward, D.E., Friend, C., and Hairston, M. (2011). The Scott, Foresman Writer (5th ed.). NY: Pearson Longman. ISBN-10: 0-205-75197-0

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