Information Systems Management – C724

Information Systems Management provides an overview of many facets of information systems applicable to business. The course explores the importance of viewing information technology (IT) as an organizational resource that must be managed, so that it supports or enables organizational strategy.

Course Competencies

  • Information Systems Foundation: The graduate describes the role of information systems and the challenges of managing information technology in supporting essential business functions.
  • Computer Hardware and Software: The graduate describes the characteristics, functions, and evolution of computer hardware and software in support of business functions.
  • Data Resource Management: The graduate describes effective techniques for managing databases and data warehouses for business optimization.
  • Networking Foundations: The graduate describes primary technologies and the application of telecommunications, wireless, and the internet in business.
  • Information Security and Ethics: The graduate interprets approaches for managing information security and privacy, averting ethical issues, and minimizing negative societal effects in business.
  • E-commerce and Social Media: The graduate describes the impact of e-commerce and social media on the business environment.
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