Finite Mathematics – C277

Finite Mathematics covers the knowledge and skills necessary to apply discrete mathematics and properties of number systems to model and solve real-life problems. Topics include sets and operations; prime and composite numbers; GCD and LCM; order of operations; ordering numbers; mathematical systems including modular arithmetic, arithmetic and geometric sequences, ratio and proportion, subsets of real numbers, logic and truth tables, graphs, trees and networks, and permutation and combination.

Course Competencies

  • The graduate represents numbers in different forms, recognizes relationships among numbers and number systems, deduces the meanings of operations, and demonstrates a conceptual understanding of numbers.
  • The graduate applies the fundamental ideas of discrete mathematics including logic, set theory, and graph theory in formulating and solving problems.
  • The graduate demonstrates computational proficiency with real numbers and recognizes the properties of the real number system and its subsets.

Course Textbooks

Thinking Mathematically, 6th edition. Robert F. Blitzer. Published by Pearson (January 7th 2014) ISBN-10: 0321867327

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