Elements of Effective Communication – C132

This course introduces learners to elements of communication that are valued in college and beyond. Materials are based on five principles: being aware of your communication with yourself and others, using and interpreting verbal messages effectively, using and interpreting nonverbal messages effectively, listening and responding thoughtfully to others, and adapting messages to others appropriately.

These five principles help you understand the many dynamics in place when we communicate verbally with others and the silent messages that we also send and receive. The course contains supporting media, articles, and excerpts to support a focus on developing verbal and non-verbal interpersonal communication within business, personal, and social settings.

Course Competencies

  • Foundations of Communication: The graduate applies foundational elements of effective communication.
  • Communication in Context: The graduate applies appropriate communication strategies in interpersonal and group contexts.
  • Public Presentation: The graduate demonstrates effective presentational communication strategies in a given context.

Course Textbooks

Steven A. Beebe; Susan J. Beebe; Diana K. Ivy, Communication Principles for a Lifetime (7th Edition), published by Pearson Education, ISBN: 9780134553818

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