Business of IT – Project Management – C176

In this course, students will build on industry standard concepts, techniques, and processes to develop a comprehensive foundation for project management activities. During a project’s life cycle, students will develop the critical skills necessary to initiate, plan, execute, monitor, control, and close a project. Students will apply best practices in areas such as scope management, resource allocation, project planning, project scheduling, quality control, risk management, performance measurement, and project reporting. This course prepares students for the certification exam CompTIA Project+.

Course Competencies

  • Project Basics: The graduate applies key project management processes to guide business initiatives.
  • Project Constraints: The graduate determines the impact of project constraints and influences to manage risk.
  • Communication and Change Management: The graduate applies communication methods and change control processes to maintain clarity of project plans, activities, and changes for stakeholders.
  • Project Tools and Documentation: The graduate determines project tools and documentation methods to measure and monitor project performance.


The completion of this course means the obtainment of CompTIA Project+ certification which qualifies the student for a Project Coordinator position.

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