Business of Information Technology (IT) – Applications – C179

Businesses implement information systems to aid in a variety of tasks ranging from customer relationship management to decision-making processes. This course will cover the basic concepts of information systems and their common implementations as well as commonly used tools for helping businesses with their everyday processes.

Course Competencies

  • Information Systems and Business: The graduate defines the general principles of Information Systems and its role in the business process within an organization.
  • Systems Development: The graduate defines the different methods of system development, and selects the appropriate method for a project.
  • Information Systems Management and Security: The graduate identifies the role of management in Information Systems and the necessity for security and contingency plans.
  • Support Center Tools, Technologies and Metrics: The graduate recognizes the need for support center tools, and identifies ways to manage the support processes.

Course Textbooks

Kroenke, David M. (2014). Using MIS . Upper Saddle River, NJ: PEARSON. ISBN: 0133029670

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