Logistics, Information Systems and Customer Service – LGOP-A110

This course is designed as an introduction to the principles and practices of logistics and how they integrate into total supply chain management. The course will introduce the logic behind this integration and discuss how organizations have gained a sustainable competitive advantage by implementing programs of total supply chain logistics management into their operations. The course will also look at the critical role information technology plays in achieving this success. The customer service role of the logistics function will be examined from the perspectives of both the organization and the individual.

Course Competencies

  • Describe the development of supply chain management and identify the role and importance of logistics and customer service in private and public organizations
  • Restate the key steps in the order-fulfillment process and analyze the role and nature of procurement
  • Discuss the role of inventory management and evaluate different aspects of warehousing
  • Demonstrate the key elements of the major modes of transportation and evaluate the role transportation plays in the economy
  • Specify the impact of supply chain strategies on income statements, balance sheets, return on assets, and overall profitability
  • Describe and appraise the overall importance of information systems to logistics and supply chain management
  • Integrate the various factors affecting global logistics

Course Textbooks

Looking at Logistics: A Practical Introduction to Logistics, Customer Service, and Supply Chain Management. 2nd Edition, Price and Harrison. Access Education. ISBN 978-1-934231-05-0

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