Computer Concepts in Business – CIS-A110

Computer Concepts in Business is designed as a first comprehensive business- computing course for students who have some previous computer experience. Since students will be required to use MS Office or similar microcomputer applications in future classes and in many business and professional careers, students are expected to master both basic computer concepts and software application skills, as well as be able to independently use a computer as a tool to solve business problems.

Course Competencies

  • Identify, define, and describe major computer system hardware components, input and output devices, and major networking, telecommunications, and data communications technologies.
  • Identify, define, and describe operating systems software and applications software as well as provide examples of different programming languages.
  • Use prominent operating system software to create, save, move, copy, delete, and rename files.
  • Use prominent spreadsheet application software to build and format basic business application spreadsheets, perform “what-if” analysis on data, create and modify charts, utilize functions and formulas, sort and filter data, plan and create macros, and generate data tables and pivot tables.
  • Summarize the basic guidelines for designing small databases and explain general rules for structuring tables and queries.
  • Use prominent database application software to create a new database, enter and edit data using appropriate data types and field properties, create and modify forms, create and modify reports, create and modify queries, and create and use calculated controls and command buttons.
  • Use prominent word processing application software to create and edit documents, apply formatting, work with graphics, modify page layouts, create a table of contents, apply footnotes, and create, edit, and format tables.
  • Use prominent presentation application software to create and view presentation files, insert and modify text and graphics on slides, apply and change presentation designs and slide layouts, add animation effects, and utilize various printing options for presentation material.

Course Textbooks

Technology in Action (Complete) 15th Edition) – Alan Evans, Kendall Martin, Mary Anne Poatsy

Exploring Microsoft® Office 2016 Volume 1 – Mary Anne Poatsy, et al. and the supplemental Collections Custom Excel and Access books

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