Why Real Followers Matter: The Difference Between Social Media Automation and Buying Fakes

Struggling business owners can be tempted to take shortcuts such as buying fake followers to boost perceived online presence, but this quick-fix approach could ultimately damage social media presence more than help it. So what should you do instead?

Instead of resorting to questionable tactics and potentially cringe-worthy consequences, the honest route to cultivate relationships with your online audience is through thoughtful automation strategies, good content, and tactfully used advertising.

Consider our expert tips to building authentic engagement ensuring longevity!

Our Experience:

August 2022, the Alaskan primary elections were full swing. Competition was fierce and everyone wanted their candidate to have the upper hand. One candidate had previously hired a “tEcH gUy” to help with the political campaign, but it soon became clear that he wasn’t up to the task.

After billing an exorbitant amount for simple account creation, this vendor suggested purchase of fake followers to booster engagement on social media platforms. The candidate’s team knew this was an extremely dangerous suggestion – buying fake followers might lead to serious implications if exposed by investigative journalists or rivals in the race.

The campaign manager decided to take over management of their online presence before any damage could be done.

They hired Peterson & Associates, Inc!

We created an authentic online presence with real people who would engage with their content in meaningful and authentic ways. Rather than just adding false numbers scattered across digital channels for appearances, the campaign focused on their message.

As a result, our team not only managed to get our candidate’s analytics looking great without breaking any laws, but also successfully established a strong base of dedicated supporters who actually cared about what they were doing politically – something far more powerful than the illusion created by any number of purchased ‘followers’!

The Dangers of Buying Fake Followers

Initially, it may seem like buying followers is a fast and efficient way to bolster your online reputation. However, this path comes with inherent drawbacks that can cause long-term damage – minimizing the impact of any potential short term gains achieved.

  1. Low Engagement: Fake followers are typically bots or inactive accounts that won’t engage with your content, making your engagement metrics plummet. Low engagement rates can signal to social media algorithms that your content is not valuable, leading to decreased visibility.
  2. Damaged Reputation: As fake followers become more easily detectable, your audience may question the legitimacy of your brand. This can damage your credibility and make it difficult to build genuine connections with your target audience.
  3. Platform Penalties: Social media platforms are cracking down on fake followers and inauthentic activity. This means your account could be flagged, shadowbanned, or even suspended, hindering your growth and online presence.

The Power of Social Media Automation

Automating your business’s social media accounts ensures that audience engagement and content quality remain the primary focus. It creates a foundation for organic growth, making long-term success achievable while ensuring each post meets high standards.

  1. Targeted Growth: Automation tools streamline tasks like content scheduling, audience targeting, and analytics, so you can focus on creating valuable content that resonates with your target audience. This results in attracting real, engaged followers who are genuinely interested in your brand.
  2. Consistent Engagement: Social media automation allows you to maintain a consistent posting schedule, ensuring that your audience stays engaged and interested in your content. This leads to higher engagement rates, better visibility in platform algorithms, and a stronger online presence.
  3. Long-term Success: Automation helps build a solid foundation for your social media strategy, ensuring that growth is sustainable and authentic. By focusing on delivering value and nurturing relationships with your audience, your brand will enjoy long-term success and a positive reputation.

Unlock Authentic Growth: Harness the Power of Automation for a Genuine and Impact

A thriving brand requires a solid social media presence – built on real relationships. Automation can be an essential tool to scale your authentic reach and create meaningful connections with potential customers, influencers, and advocates who become key drivers of long-term success.

Peterson & Associates can help you Unlock Your Social Media Potential: Discover the Benefits of Our Marketing Services!

A quality brand will not resort to shortcuts such as buying fake followers; but will instead use automation, adspend, and content strategically for organic growth that builds trust in your business’s credibility among existing allies.

As we’ve discussed, real followers and genuine engagement are crucial for a successful social media strategy. If you’re looking to take your online presence to new heights, our marketing automation service may be the perfect solution. To help you make an informed decision, we’re offering a free consultation to see if our services are the right fit for your business.

Join the Conversation: Share Your Thoughts on Real vs. Fake Followers!

We want to hear from you! What’s been your experience with social media growth strategies? Have you ever faced the temptation to buy fake followers or have you stuck to organic methods? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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