Marketing Practices – BA-A260

Examines the tools, techniques, and principles of marketing and how to apply them. Identifies the significance of connecting with customers. Examines and identifies market factors which create the greatest customer satisfaction possible in the highly competitive environments of the 21st century.


BA A151—Introduction to Business (Business Foundations)

Course Competencies

  • Describe the marketing process
  • Explain the marketing concept
  • Describe the marketing mix the 4 P’s—product, price, distribution (place), promotion— and learn how to make decisions regarding each one
  • Apply knowledge of the marketing mix, market segmentation, target marketing, and product life cycle
  • Demonstrate ethical decision making
  • Define customer relations management and describe the use of technology to store and integrate customer data
  • Explain how to create a social media campaign

Course Textbooks

Essentials of Marketing, 7th Edition Authors: Lamb, Hair, McDaniel ISBN: 978-0-538-47834-2

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