Web Technologies – WSV1

Students will learn how to write well-structured HTML and use cascading style sheets (CSS) to separate the style from the content. Students will learn how to work in Flash, Fireworks, and Dreamweaver. This courses requires both analytical skills (coding) and creative perspectives (graphics, layout, and design). The successful completion of this course earns the student their CIW Web Design Specialist certification.

Course Competencies

  • Client/Server Administration: The graduate uses and updates web client software.
  • Web Page Creation and Programming Languages: The graduate creates web pages using specified markup and programming languages associated with client server systems.
  • Dynamic Web Page Fundamentals: The graduate utilizes the popular tools used for dynamic web page creation.
  • E-commerce Infrastructure: The graduate describes the core elements and supporting network infrastructure of an e-commerce design.
  • Suspicious Network Activity: The graduate identifies suspicious network activity and selects the appropriate strategy to counter it.

Course Textbooks

CIW: Web Design Specialist

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