User Interface Design – C773

This course covers tools and techniques employed in user interface design including web and mobile applications. Concepts of clarity, usability and detectability are included in this course as well as other design elements such as color schemes, typography, and layout . Techniques like wireframing, usability testing, and SEO optimization are also covered. This course prepares students for the CIW User Interface Designer certification qualifies them for a User Interface Designer position.

Course Competencies

  • User Interface Design Projects: The graduate describes user interface design project constructs.
  • User Interface Design Process: The graduate describes the user interface design process.
  • User Centered Web Design: The graduate explains the relationship between the user and the site design.
  • User Interface Design Principles: The graduate explains user interface design principles.
  • Color, Typography, Layout, Wireframing: The graduate builds a web page wireframe.
  • Designing a Basic Web Page User Interface: The graduate creates multiple web pages, using best practices in design technique.
  • Website Navigation Concepts: The graduate creates a navigation hierarchy for a website.
  • Designing an Interactive Web Page User Interface: The graduate analyzes best practices in designing interactive elements of User Interfaces.
  • Website Maintenance and Search Engine Optimization Strategies: The graduate explains the best practice strategies for maintaining websites, including Search Engine Optimization.

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