Scripting and Programming – Foundations – C173

This course provides an introduction to programming covering data structures, algorithms, and programming paradigms. The course presents the student with the concept of an object as well as the object-oriented paradigm and its importance. A survey of languages is covered and the distinction between interpreted and compiled languages is introduced. The student will be using Python language for coding in this course, but the skills they’ll learn will be necessary in learning any programming language. The student will be using learning resources from Udacity, Lynda.com, and Codecademy to complete their studies.

Course Competencies

  • Introduction to Computer Programming: The graduate performs basic computer programming including working with data types, constants, variables, operator types, expressions, and functions.
  • Basic Constructs of Programming: The graduate implements basic constructs of programming, including working with control structures.
  • Object-oriented Concepts: The graduate integrates the object-oriented programming paradigm in scripting and programming.
  • Algorithms: The graduate analyzes algorithms, including algorithm efficiency, and recursion.
  • The Design Process: The graduate describes steps of the design process.
  • Programming Languages: The graduate compares various programming languages.
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