General Psychology – PSY-A111

Introduces psychology through presentation of research and theories include physiological, developmental, abnormal, motivation, learning and personality. This class presents a broad survey of several different areas of psychology.

Course Competencies

  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of the major theories, historical development, research methods, personality theories, diagnosis and treatment in contemporary Western psychology by 4 written examination.
  • Students will demonstrate writing skills by writing at least one ten page APA formatted paper on an instructor approved psychology topic that is organized, focused, and grammatically correct integrating data from books, journals and the Internet.
  • Students will demonstrate through class participation the ability to think critically by connecting empirical data with contemporary theories. Students are encouraged to bring materials from newspapers, magazines or broadcast media to class for discussion and evaluation.
  • Students will demonstrate behavior and skills appropriate to a university class by attending all classes in a timely manner, completing reading and written assignments on time and taking responsibility for making prior arrangements in case of absence.

Course Textbooks

Coon (2016) Introduction to Psychology – Gateways to Mind and Behavior 14th edition ISBN: 9781305091870

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