CompTIA's Cloud Essentials Certificate

Cloud Essentials+

Confirms key business principles and fundamental cloud concepts to provide validated data-driven cloud recommendations with financial and operational impacts considered.

Certificate Exam Details

CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ covers cloud services from a business perspective. The expertise validated includes the business value of cloud computing, cloud types, steps to a successful adoption of the cloud, impact and changes on IT service management, as well as risks and consequences.

Certificate Competencies

  • Have the knowledge and understanding of the foundational business and technical components included in a cloud assessment
  • Understand specific security concerns and measures
  • Comprehend new technology concepts, solutions, and benefits to an organization
  • Identify and employ appropriate cloud assessments like feasibility studies, benchmarking, or gap analysis, highlight key business aspects of cloud vendor relation adoption, and comprehend cloud migration approaches.
  • Explain cloud principles, identify cloud networking concepts and storage techniques, and understand cloud design aspects
  • Risk, Compliance, & Governance: Demonstrates risk management, incident response, regulatory compliance and standards in a cloud context.
  • Technical Operations Management: Demonstrates data management, optimization and the role of development operations (DevOps), like API integration & provisioning
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