Cloud Essentials+

The Cloud Essentials+ certification empowers business leaders with the knowledge and expertise needed to make informed decisions regarding cloud computing solutions. By validating key business principles and fundamental cloud concepts, certified individuals can provide data-driven cloud recommendations that take into account both financial and operational impacts.

CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ covers cloud services from a business perspective, assessing the business value of cloud computing, cloud types, and the steps to a successful adoption of the cloud. The certification also examines the impact of cloud adoption on IT service management and the risks and consequences involved.

Through the certification, individuals will gain competencies in cloud assessments, security concerns, and new technology concepts, solutions, and benefits for organizations. They will identify appropriate cloud assessments, comprehend cloud migration approaches, and understand cloud design aspects, networking concepts, and storage techniques. Additionally, the certification covers risk management, incident response, regulatory compliance, and governance in a cloud context, as well as data management, optimization, and the role of development operations.

By earning the Cloud Essentials+ certification, business leaders can effectively evaluate cloud computing solutions and leverage the latest cloud technologies to drive business growth and success.


Cloud Essentials+ certification validates an individual’s understanding of essential business principles and fundamental cloud concepts, enabling them to make informed, data-driven cloud recommendations that account for financial and operational impacts. As a highly-regarded certification, Cloud Essentials+ qualifies individuals for various Development Operations (DevOps) positions, demonstrating their expertise in cloud computing and their ability to apply industry best practices to drive business success. 

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