Revolutionize Your Restaurant’s Profitability with Food Purchasing Arbitrage!

2021’s US Foods third quarter report revealed an 11.5% surge in supply prices, yet restaurants still had high demand for the their’s products. This is a testament to the quality and value that US Foods provides. Despite this increase in cost, case shipments rose by 18.5%, with deliveries to independent restaurants increasing by 21.1%.

US Foods attributed the 34.9% rise in sales to food inflation, but costs limited gross profits from rising correspondingly, capping it at 27.4%. The main drivers of these increased costs were beef and pork products. Although the company expects inflation to moderate, they remain uncertain about what the future may hold.

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That’s why our powerful software was created! With US Foods showing that demand remains strong despite rising costs, it’s essential to take advantage of every opportunity to keep prices competitive and profits up. Our software allows you a 10% reduction in food prices – on average – with no effort or extra time needed from your staff. Our software will automatically start comparing different vendors, selecting similar items with the best price, ensuring the lowest cost available – all without lifting a finger!!

What is Food Purchasing Arbitrage?

Food Purchasing Arbitrage is the practice of leveraging price discrepancies in the food market to achieve cost savings and maximize profits. It involves identifying and capitalizing on variations in prices for the same or similar food products offered by different vendors or suppliers. By strategically purchasing from the lowest-cost source and taking advantage of favorable market conditions, businesses can optimize their procurement process and reduce expenses.

Food Purchasing Arbitrage typically involves thorough market research, price comparison, and negotiation with suppliers to secure the best possible deals. It may also involve taking advantage of rebates, discounts, or special offers provided by certain vendors. This approach allows businesses to source high-quality ingredients or products at lower prices, ultimately leading to increased profitability.

 Finally, intelligent food purchasing!

Implementing intelligent purchasing software can greatly facilitate Food Purchasing Arbitrage by automating the process of comparing prices, identifying cost-saving opportunities, and streamlining the procurement workflow. This software can help businesses identify the most competitive prices, manage vendor relationships, and optimize their purchasing decisions to achieve significant cost savings.

This intelligent purchasing software also has the ability to take into account pack sizes that are not equivalent, and adjust for them. This way you can ensure you always get the lowest possible price on each item in your order, helping you save even more money while still keeping a competitive market edge.

National Rebate Program

Plus, you keep 100% of all rebates on the items purchased with our National Rebate Program. This program is designed to provide you with real savings, not just discounts. We have a partnership with over 350 manufacturers and track your purchases in detail so that you get every penny of the rebate money – no strings attached!

Invoice Reconciliation

With our software, you get the convenience of one-click invoice reconciliation. Once you have verified your order and clicked “Save & Send“, all discrepancies are automatically logged in our secure records! This makes it easy for you to keep track of any adjustment made to an invoice for future reference. All you need to do is open up the app on your computer, tablet, or phone and you can reconcile invoices in a matter of seconds.


The best part? Our automation system does all the heavy lifting for you. With our app, you can set delivery days, cut-off times, order reminders, get alerts and ensure orders are placed with authorized suppliers – all without having to manually intervene. In addition, you save valuable time by no longer having to enter endless amounts of data into multiple spreadsheets and databases.

Supplier Management

Whether you’re tracking your current spending or want to look at how things were a year ago, our reporting features make it easy. Generate reports by vendor, item, department, period and more. Make informed decisions by analyzing your data and take the guesswork out of supplier management.

We understand that supplier management can be a difficult task. That’s why we’ve designed our app to make it easier with its automated system. With just a few clicks, you get up-to-date, accurate data and insights on your suppliers to help you make the best decisions for your company. With our supplier management system in place, you can be sure that all of your orders are being tracked and managed efficiently.

So whether you’re using US Foods, Sysco, Performance Foods or another leading distributor – Peterson & Associates Inc. can help you find the lowest prices and maximize your food spend savings. With intelligent purchasing software, you’ll get sustainable and significant bottom line results with no extra effort from your staff. Invest in intelligent purchases today for a better tomorrow!

Take advantage of this offer now and never worry about food prices again!

There’s never been a better way to stay competitive and increase profits than with our powerful software. Sign up for a demo today and start taking advantage of reduced food prices! We look forward to helping you succeed!! Please contact us today to learn more about how Peterson & Associates, Inc can help make your business more profitable!

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